New York Times Bestselling Author Joseph Grenny : Speaker Reel for VitalSmarts

Before I took maternity leave, this project was my main focus at work. They released it and I’m slow to the band wagon of spreading the joy! This video means a little more to me too because it was my debut of a postproduction I had full creative control over. I was so nervous to show the beginning workings of the film to the rest of the video team and thank my lucky stars, they liked it! We tweaked it for quite some time but the main concept and feel to the video stayed the same. It has my “feel” written all over it and the doc style I chose is quite different to what VitalSmarts is used to. If anyone deserves a shout out though, it’s Joseph Grenny. He is so talented, humble and being able to work with the founder of such a worthwhile initiative on multiple occasionshas been so flattering to me.

Expect Delays

You might have noticed that the work has slowed down a bit. Pictures and posts have become less frequent.

Wonder why? For those of you who do not know, today I hit my 38 week mark of pregnancy! Plus, we remodeled a basement this summer, moved and I’m still working a video job full-time. So, I’m not completely ignoring freelance but it is on the back burner. My baby and I are a bit of a high risk so I haven’t taken on new clients since July. Again, thank you for your patience and this is my warning that it still may be some time before I’m back in the game.

Washington DC

20140529-IMG_9652 I found this woman strikingly exquisite, working hard on chiseling into the wall of the Natural Gallery of Art. One of the most famous museum’s in the states and it is because of people like this woman that it’s here. 20140529-IMG_962820140531-IMG_0080 I adored this tiny turtle, he was so wiggly and had so much time to grow.20140530-IMG_9916 I often have a hard time believing I’m in Washington DC until I see the Smithsonian castle. I feel a sense of home when I finally lay my eyes on it again. 20140530-IMG_9900 One of the most impressive things about sculptures to me is when they can make stone look like flesh and blood. You can see this in imprints on the skin, a flow of fabric on some of the greatest works of art or simply the veins of young soldiers marching toward war, like this piece.20140530-IMG_9870 What a view it must have been for Martin Luther King Jr. to stand at these steps, encouraged by Lincoln from behind while beholding thousands of supporters on this strip of land towards Washington. What a sight that must have been!20140530-IMG_9803 I liked the symbolism of a small child touching the names of those who sacrificed their lives for this country. In some ways its a sign of respect that I easily could have missed, just like those who are passing her by.20140529-IMG_9672I’ve decided that rainy days are my favorite days to enjoy cities, the crowds die down, the streets are shiny and this totally would have passed me by if he had been surrounded by a group of tourists. There is more to come from this trip, out of all the cities I would have never thought that DC would be one I always come back for more. I have been to the city several times since I was eleven years old. A lot has changed for me but the city stands stable.

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

20140525-IMG_9259There is something about the hands of an artist that I find extra elegant, especially in pottery. It reminds me of the world, that even though you can be surrounded by mud, you can make a masterpiece by creating something new with it.

IMG_9252 20140525-IMG_9191 20140525-IMG_9212

It was a Sunday stroll we were taking in Alexandria when I came across these two. I’m so happy they let me take their picture, their hats, their easy-going smiles and sitting in the shade says it all. 20140525-IMG_9235

Can you believe this guy’s a puppy? Yep, only 2 months old. IMG_9266

Lucy gave these a stare down, she was demanding their free popcorn.

Rachel and John || Krishna Temple Wedding

I won’t lie, I was pretty cold filming this St. Patricks Day Wedding so I’ve had a long debate in my head on whether I should include some of my very favorite shots even though they are quite shaky. It seemed to be the perfect storm in the fact that everyone was freezing, I accidentally spit on my lens so I only had a lens with no stabilization. I’ve decided that the beautiful shots should be included despite my filming technique but I hope you have patience with them. This video will be an exception rather than a habit. However, what a great place to get married! The Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork Utah holds the Festival of Colors every year and this wedding was performed the Monday before the 2014 Festival of Colors. Rachel called me on a Thursday asking if I would be interested in traveling to Texas in May for her wedding and then called me back on Friday saying that they had decided to get married that following Monday. Considering they only had 3 days to throw this wedding together, every thing seemed to work out like a dream!

Representing Oneonta New York, Buddy successfully completes first two Rounds of Scripps National Spelling Bee

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 12.44.06 PM

3:10pm EST UPDATE: Buddy misspelled his word in round 3 but won the hearts of everyone by first asking his mother to take a deep breath while he was on stage. Fox News didn’t forget to mention his comment in this article.


10:45 am EST It’s been an intense week here in National Harbor, Maryland. Though next to the patriotic and scenic city of Washington DC, 281 kids are studying rather than taking a proper vacation. Buddy Noorlander, speller 161, celebrated his 14th birthday this week and has been reading 3 books a day to study for the spelling competition. He just successfully spelled the word “escargot” in order to proceed to round 3 and is more relaxed than all of us cheering him on.  The two kids following Buddy misspelled their words during round two and the difficulty level is definitely rising with each round. By the end of the day, only 50 will  be announced as semi-finalists and tomorrow only 12 will proceed to the finals but we are so proud that he has made it this far. In the end, everyone fell in love with Buddy and we of course weren’t surprised when reporters asked for his interview.

IMG_9520 IMG_9526

Rainy Day Bakery and a Walk in The Park

IMG_3724IMG_3766IMG_3757IMG_3792 IMG_3797 IMG_3801 IMG_3807 IMG_3808In place of a rehearsal dinner before their wedding day, this couple decided to have a cozy brunch at the bakery Kylee works at in Washington. Surrounded by loved ones, family and pastries is never a poor combination. While it seemed it couldn’t get much better, a spontaneous walk in the rain was just too romantic to pass up an opportunity to snap some shots before returning to a warm cup of cocoa.

Photographers vs. Videographers

The common mindset of brides to be, “The one thing I’m willing to spend a lot of money on for my wedding is a professional photographer.” If this is the truth, I don’t blame you…except for the “one thing” part. For someone who has been both the photographer and the videographer, you are putting all of the pressure of every dream you’ve ever had about your wedding onto one person and they know that you want them to make your wedding look even better than you prepared it. So I’m arguing in the defense of spending some money on the videographer too, because sometimes it’s good to have a second shooter, a second camera, a second angle and a different style at your wedding for back up if nothing else.

Photographers and videographers have to come to weddings prepared differently as well. Photographers have to be the loud, slightly bossy without seeming mean, posing people without them feeling too awkward and then assuring everyone how fantastic they look. The videographer is supposed to document the wedding exactly how it naturally falls into place by quietly observing, avoiding the photographers way and not “directing” your big day. Think of the photographers as extroverts and videographers as introverts. Both have something unique to bring to the table, both are worth the money.

I’ve worked with all sorts of photographers as a videographer for weddings: older vs younger, experienced vs fauxtographers (avoid these,) pleasant vs complainers, expensive vs cheap and the one thing I know for sure is just because they are expensive doesn’t mean they are professional. One time, I rode with the photographer to the wedding while she complained about the bride the entire ride to her assistant (first red flag) then when we got there she had one kit lens, no diffusion for the bright sun and no extra batteries. I knew they were paying her almost three times more than me although they have primarily used my work from that day. There were times I showed up to a wedding ready to meet the photographer and the photographer never showed so I stepped up to the plate. I’m not trying to boast, there have been times I felt I didn’t capture the couple as well as I wished and I was super happy that they had another shooter there capturing a different perspective.

Why am I fighting so hard for the videographers anyway? Well, when it comes to weddings I prefer to be the videographer, not because I lack confidence in photography but because it is more of my style (reserved.) Unfortunately, since the photographers are the only ones getting paid a decent amount for a wedding, I don’t get paid enough if I choose my passion.  So I’m putting in this plug to say: If you let me focus on my strengths, I promise I can better executive your wishes.

Rachel and John || Wedding Preview

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.14.18 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.07.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.13.48 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 9.00.38 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.19.37 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.17.40 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.58.51 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.10.09 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.32.29 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.13.04 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.04.15 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.05.38 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 11.35.43 AMOn a Thursday, I received a phone call from Rachel asking if I’d be interested in traveling to Texas in May to document her wedding. While I was figuring out my scheduling, I didn’t feel too pressured to make any final decisions for a bit. That is until Rachel called me on two days later (Saturday) letting me know that they had decided to be married the next Monday. Though shocking, the timing worked out perfectly for a St. Patrick’s Day romantic Wedding. I couldn’t be happier with the result.



IMG_7519I’m proud to say that I have two pictures being published in a book next month! The book has officially been sent off to printing as of Saturday and it is already getting positive reviews from editors. More details will follow when I’m allowed to tell you!