Kiva and Louisiana

For more information about the project, opportunity, you can look at these posts.

Sneak Peek


Crew Photos

With help from the Peery Foundation and the Ballard Center at BYU

Faculty Mentors: Thomas Lefler, Brad Barber and Todd Manwaring

Kiva Collaborators: Beth Kuenstler and Jason Riggs

Corporate Liason: Jason Brown

Co-Producer/Co-Director: Jennie Mangum Brown

Co-Producer/Co-Director/2nd Camera: Lizi Richards Fesler

Director of  Photography: Lauren Merkley

Editor/Sound: Katie Ercanbrack

Comper: Spencer Russell

Featuring: Angelica and Roman Rivera and their construction company Colmex.

Special Thanks to:

  • Kiva
  • Goodwork Neetwork
  • ASI Federal Union
  • Visa
  • Mary Lou Fulton
  • Matt Flannery
  • Premal Shaw
  • Esailama and Tyrone’s Bissap Breeze
  • Pamela at Kiva City New Orleans
  • Mignon at ASI Credit Union
  • Adele at Goodwork Network

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