My BYU Capstone Trailer

Fine Tuning Teaser from Fesler Films on Vimeo.

I felt flattered when my professor approached me and encouraged me to pitch to the Media Arts faculty the mock proposal we filled out in class. When I actually went through with it and was approved to make this capstone, my jaw-dropped. We have many fiction capstones produced every semester by BYU students but non-fiction? I had never heard of a documentary capstone at BYU. I am privileged to have this opportunity and revolutionize the possibility non-fiction capstones for the future. Film crew: Elizabeth Richards Fesler (aka Lizi,) Buddy Richards, Cindy Richards, David Fesler and Jessica Cooper. Shot on: Canon 7D, 35mm film and 8mm film.

Fine Tuning is a BYU non-fiction capstone featuring Penny Pace. After a divorce very unique to LDS culture, Penny contributed to changing policies in the church promoting women equality. She sang throughout her entire life and used the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to help herself cope through these trying times.


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