My Film is in Final Cut Film Festival 2013

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 2.34.39 PM

Remember this post in 2011?

And this one for 2012?

Well, three’s a charm. I have a film in the FINAL CUT FILM FESTIVAL 2013!!!

I haven’t really told anyone but the film that was selected is the trailer to my capstone. You can read about when my capstone was approved here, and about how the shooting went here. It’s been on the down low because it’s a really personal project, slightly controversial but I still believe I can pull it off. There is one place you can watch it online, only one, and you have to look for it but not too hard.

This was Grandma’s response to the trailer: ” Darling Lizzie-Your work is priceless. The screen is true. Difficult . Moved on. Life is still Great. Perhaps we try to shut out uncomfortable things (at least I do) but truly learn, some setbacks teach. I truly think your work is awesome. Thanks You have the facts. Love You Grandma” Hopefully that’s a good sign?


I feel so honored to be a part of helping out and leaving college with a bang of 3 years in a row of selected films in the festival.


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