Part 2: Story of Bano, Cameroon

Part 2: Story of Bano, Cameroon from Fesler Films on Vimeo.

“Did I mention my first sight of the African coast? Something struck in me, in my soul, Celie, like a large bell, and I just vibrated.” Quote from the book The Color Purple

Above is exactly how I felt when our plane first arrived. Africa is beautiful.

My film crew and I were very impressed with the experience we had in Cameroon and how giving the children were with one another. It was evident that the chief of the village was a hard worker who made his best effort in the prosperity of his people. We always saw him involved and working along the other villagers and knew we were involved with individuals that have goodness in their hearts. Film Crew members: Nathan Roach, JiHye Park, David Fesler and Elizabeth Richards Fesler (aka Lizi) Shot on: Canon 5D Mark II and T3i


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