Photographers vs. Videographers

The common mindset of brides to be, “The one thing I’m willing to spend a lot of money on for my wedding is a professional photographer.” If this is the truth, I don’t blame you…except for the “one thing” part. For someone who has been both the photographer and the videographer, you are putting all of the pressure of every dream you’ve ever had about your wedding onto one person and they know that you want them to make your wedding look even better than you prepared it. So I’m arguing in the defense of spending some money on the videographer too, because sometimes it’s good to have a second shooter, a second camera, a second angle and a different style at your wedding for back up if nothing else.

Photographers and videographers have to come to weddings prepared differently as well. Photographers have to be the loud, slightly bossy without seeming mean, posing people without them feeling too awkward and then assuring everyone how fantastic they look. The videographer is supposed to document the wedding exactly how it naturally falls into place by quietly observing, avoiding the photographers way and not “directing” your big day. Think of the photographers as extroverts and videographers as introverts. Both have something unique to bring to the table, both are worth the money.

I’ve worked with all sorts of photographers as a videographer for weddings: older vs younger, experienced vs fauxtographers (avoid these,) pleasant vs complainers, expensive vs cheap and the one thing I know for sure is just because they are expensive doesn’t mean they are professional. One time, I rode with the photographer to the wedding while she complained about the bride the entire ride to her assistant (first red flag) then when we got there she had one kit lens, no diffusion for the bright sun and no extra batteries. I knew they were paying her almost three times more than me although they have primarily used my work from that day. There were times I showed up to a wedding ready to meet the photographer and the photographer never showed so I stepped up to the plate. I’m not trying to boast, there have been times I felt I didn’t capture the couple as well as I wished and I was super happy that they had another shooter there capturing a different perspective.

Why am I fighting so hard for the videographers anyway? Well, when it comes to weddings I prefer to be the videographer, not because I lack confidence in photography but because it is more of my style (reserved.) Unfortunately, since the photographers are the only ones getting paid a decent amount for a wedding, I don’t get paid enough if I choose my passion.  So I’m putting in this plug to say: If you let me focus on my strengths, I promise I can better executive your wishes.


One thought on “Photographers vs. Videographers

  1. This is VERY well said. I am so glad I have my wedding video, watching it sparks our relationship like photos can’t. It is fun to see us young and in love. Worth every penny.

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