Rachel and John || Krishna Temple Wedding

I won’t lie, I was pretty cold filming this St. Patricks Day Wedding so I’ve had a long debate in my head on whether I should include some of my very favorite shots even though they are quite shaky. It seemed to be the perfect storm in the fact that everyone was freezing, I accidentally spit on my lens so I only had a lens with no stabilization. I’ve decided that the beautiful shots should be included despite my filming technique but I hope you have patience with them. This video will be an exception rather than a habit. However, what a great place to get married! The Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork Utah holds the Festival of Colors every year and this wedding was performed the Monday before the 2014 Festival of Colors. Rachel called me on a Thursday asking if I would be interested in traveling to Texas in May for her wedding and then called me back on Friday saying that they had decided to get married that following Monday. Considering they only had 3 days to throw this wedding together, every thing seemed to work out like a dream!


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