Washington DC

20140529-IMG_9652 I found this woman strikingly exquisite, working hard on chiseling into the wall of the Natural Gallery of Art. One of the most famous museum’s in the states and it is because of people like this woman that it’s here. 20140529-IMG_962820140531-IMG_0080 I adored this tiny turtle, he was so wiggly and had so much time to grow.20140530-IMG_9916 I often have a hard time believing I’m in Washington DC until I see the Smithsonian castle. I feel a sense of home when I finally lay my eyes on it again. 20140530-IMG_9900 One of the most impressive things about sculptures to me is when they can make stone look like flesh and blood. You can see this in imprints on the skin, a flow of fabric on some of the greatest works of art or simply the veins of young soldiers marching toward war, like this piece.20140530-IMG_9870 What a view it must have been for Martin Luther King Jr. to stand at these steps, encouraged by Lincoln from behind while beholding thousands of supporters on this strip of land towards Washington. What a sight that must have been!20140530-IMG_9803 I liked the symbolism of a small child touching the names of those who sacrificed their lives for this country. In some ways its a sign of respect that I easily could have missed, just like those who are passing her by.20140529-IMG_9672I’ve decided that rainy days are my favorite days to enjoy cities, the crowds die down, the streets are shiny and this totally would have passed me by if he had been surrounded by a group of tourists. There is more to come from this trip, out of all the cities I would have never thought that DC would be one I always come back for more. I have been to the city several times since I was eleven years old. A lot has changed for me but the city stands stable.


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