New York Times Bestselling Author Joseph Grenny : Speaker Reel for VitalSmarts

Before I took maternity leave, this project was my main focus at work. They released it and I’m slow to the band wagon of spreading the joy! This video means a little more to me too because it was my debut of a postproduction I had full creative control over. I was so nervous to show the beginning workings of the film to the rest of the video team and thank my lucky stars, they liked it! We tweaked it for quite some time but the main concept and feel to the video stayed the same. It has my “feel” written all over it and the doc style I chose is quite different to what VitalSmarts is used to. If anyone deserves a shout out though, it’s Joseph Grenny. He is so talented, humble and being able to work with the founder of such a worthwhile initiative on multiple occasionshas been so flattering to me.


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