About Me

My anthem in life is sincerity. I seek to find the power that authenticity brings to each individual story.

I graduated in Documentary Film and Media Arts at Brigham Young University, starting my freelance business in 2010 and have been loving it ever since. I have experience in multiple filmmaking responsibilities such as Director (non-fiction and fiction,) DP, Assistant Camera, Production Designer, Art Department, Set Dresser, Writer, Producer, Teacher, Boom Mic Operator and Editor. Professionally, I’ve worked with: National Geographic, Travel, Sundance, Food Network, Discovery…and many other television stations.

I strive to:
-Create wholesome and edifying films
-Find beauty in the everyday with the ability to effectively bring this knowledge to others
-Capture reality in all of it’s complicated and splendid glory
-Evoke positive community and developmental initiatives


If you are interested, feel free to contact me at richLIZards@gmail.com. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.




One thought on “About Me

  1. Thank you for your appreciate Lizi, and sorry for my horrible english.
    Your job is in the same time delicate and intense.

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